Power crisis and our garment industries

April 22, 2009 at 3:49 am (Factory Conditions, Hard time without electricity, Power crisis) (, , , , )

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Bangladesh is suffering    from acute power crisis since a quite long time without any respite. The present new Government which has put this problem in the priority list has so far not given proper direction as to what steps it has taken to mitigate the crisis. The crisis has deepened to such an extent that general people started to think that we should start practice of leading life of medieval ages. One understands what role power plays in making of a nation. The major concern that is going through the minds of general people is, will we be able to keep our industries alive specially the Garment industries which brings big chunk of our foreign currency?   So far nothing appreciable has been done – except meeting and hope that power will be supplied uninterrupted in next three to four years. If this state of power supply goes on for one to two years imagine what will be the fate of many garment factories. Production will come down drastically: it will start loosing the international market and lastly and most importantly the undesirable cut in workers which will be a economic disaster for the nation. The crisis can be averted if Government start thinking without further delay of importing power from neighboring countries which are self sufficient in energy .and installing burger mounted power plant on short term basis as there is uncertainty of availability of gas on which the power plant of our country depends. There has been a lot of negligence in this sector. People don’t want to see any further negligence. The Government must put in their best efforts to solve this problem as soon as possible before it gets too late to incur the wrath of the general public and the RMG workers especially which may not be good taste for the Government.


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The unwholesome environment and lack of safety measures of garment workers

April 11, 2009 at 3:48 am (Condition of garment industry, Polluted Environment) (, , )

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Most of the garment factories in our country lack the basic amenities where our garment workers sweat their brows from morning to evening to earn our countries the major portion of our foreign exchange. Anybody visiting the factory the first impression he or she will have that these workers are in a roost. Improper ventilation, stuffy situation, filthy rooms are the characteristics of the majority of our factories. The owners profit are the first priority and this attitude has gone to such an extent that they do not care about their lives. How many of our factories have facilities to combat any hazard like fire? Are these workers properly trained to face the situation in the event of such hazard and what to do instead of getting panicked? There has been lot of such cases in recent years which resulted in lot of deaths of these workers. Countries like China, Italy give first priority of workers comfort and the safety so that they can get better out of this workers.in our countries most the workers get sick. So the time has come to improve their working environment and their safety without further delay if we are to expect uninterrupted

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The training of garment workers

April 4, 2009 at 3:09 am (Coaching 4 garment workers, Improve skills about garment work, Training center) (, , )

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There is no alternative to training to any types of work in order to train up the worker to fit in the job for which he/she has been employed. Most of the garment workers who work in many factories are not that skilled to do the job as required by the management; as a result in most cases the product produced are of inferior quality. Although there is demand of our garment products in the world, the demand would have been much higher if our products are produced with precision. To bring that precision the BGME must create training institution where for the workers whose 90% are young women, must be made mandatory to get admitted into the training institution for at least three months in their respective field for which they want to be employed. It is only then we can expect our products will be highly appreciated and ordered at a price higher than the prevailing price which means more foreign exchange for our country.

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The loss of property and lives from agitation

March 24, 2009 at 6:37 am (life conditions, loss property&lives) (, , )

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Due to obstinacy and obduracy of the garment owners, the garment workers out of rage come out of the factory and take to the street causing damages to the public and private vehicles, shopping mall and block the roads for hours together causing inhuman suffering to the general public. To make the situation worst some cadres of political parties participate in the destruction activities forcing the law enforcers to intervene. The police sometime have to open fire when situation goes beyond control causing loss of valuable lives. The government and garment owners must sit immediately and find some amicable settlement so that this untoward incident does not repeat again and save the industry from total ruination.

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The garment owner’s indifference towards its workers

March 22, 2009 at 3:38 am (Factory Conditions) (, )

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The garments workers, who are mostly women, and earns 76% of total foreign exchange,are ill paid and lead substandard life. These workers genuine problems are often over looked by the employers even after their repeated demands to look into their genuine demands and create an atmosphere so that they can have their minimum wages and other facilities like medical allowance, festival bonuses and others, so that they can put their best efforts to produce quality products and compete with countries like China and India .Mentionable that export of Bangladesh garments products remains still strong, while many countries have gone down. Unfortunately enough that the owners of many garment factories are yet to wake up to their call calling for unnecessary chaotic condition in the factory which leads to layoff of the factory, destruction of the factory and loss of lives of many who sometimes becomes unruly incurring huge loss of money. To sustain the momentum gained by our garment industries the owners of the garment factories must think seriously and meet their demands which are very negligible to what they themselves earn. And save the industry for the greater interest of the country.

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Living place of garment workers

February 8, 2009 at 3:26 am (Living Place) (, , )

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Garments workers’ life is very simple.They come mainly from poor family living in village  so these workers are treated as lower class by the so-called higher class people of our society. Most of garments workers live in slums.

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Female workers in a garments factory……..

February 4, 2009 at 1:25 pm (Factory Conditions) (, , , , , )

Female workers in a garments factory...... Bangladesh is a small and poor country. It is an over populated country too. There are many people who live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is a very crowded city. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages. Many people, especially the women,come to the cities to do a good job to earn money. Most of them work in garments factories.But
garments workers’ life is very difficult………

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