Bangladeshi garment products

May 3, 2009 at 3:34 am (Bad repotation of our RMG, Bangladeshi product, Good repotation of our RMG) (, , )


Since the creation of Bangladesh one sector in which it has made appreciable achievement is its garment industry. Any Bangladeshi can boast of its garment products. It not only caters to our requirements but also our products are exported to different countries which earn about 76% of the total foreign currency it earns. Our products are highly acclaimed by the foreigners for its qualities and verities. As our products are produced at cheaper rate in comparison to other exporting countries the foreign byres evince a lot of interest in our products and invest quite remarkably than any other countries. It is very interesting to see and one can understand from the fact that foreigners visiting our countries are found loitering specially around our Bangabazar to buy the garment products. These are the products are directly brought from the factories and are sold at cheap rate. Here both our local people and foreigners are usually seen buying the garment products produced locally.

It is very unfortunate that some unscrupulous business man change the brand  of the products and want to sell the products in the name of product of foreign made for higher price, which not only destroys the goodwill of our garment industries but also put the export of our garment products at risk.


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