Lack of standard machine in our RMG industries

April 29, 2009 at 3:19 am (Factory Conditions, Lack of machinaries, Slow work) (, , )


Anybody visiting any of our garment factories, the first thing they will encounter is the machine-the sewing machine, knitting machine and other machineries-with help of which our workers produce readymade garment products from which our country earns a major chunk of foreign currencies. Has anybody ever gone deep into the facts that the garment products which are being produced with the help of the machineries are in what state and what special efforts and the time our workers have to give to make it worthy of making it of exportable standard. It is often seen in many factories the workers are using their hand instead of using the machine, stitching, fixing buttons, which results in poor quality and defects of our readymade garment products. In most of the factories there is theft cases of parts of machines and these are replaced with low quality parts or made from lathe machine to keep the machine operational. As such the products which would have been produced with a great precision and less time, reducing extra burden on our garment workers has a great negative impact on our RMG industries. To achieve better output the first thing that the owners have to ensure is to provide flawless machineries. The owner instead of going harsh against the workers must try to find out the real causes of low quality products and time wastage factors if they really want to bring qualitative changes in their products.



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