Garment workers entertainment time

April 21, 2009 at 2:39 am (Entertainment time, Hostel Life, Life Style) (, )


Garment workers are work very hard. They work for a long time. 90% of garment workers are women so they don’t get the chance of going market or Movie Theater to watch their favorite movie for their entertainment after their work or at night. Because it is not safe for a women that she go to market or Movie Theater alone at night. And of course after a long time work they get tired so they don’t have that energy to go anywhere for their entertainment. So in the weekend especially the girls who live in the hostel they get the opportunity to watch a movie from 3 to 6 pm on BTV. Because in the hostel there is a television for all hostel girls. The garment workers actually not only the garment workers the village people love to watch Bangla movies. I heard that maximum of the hostel girls sit together in the television room and enjoy the movie on weekend. I think this is a really good way of garment workers entertainment.


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  1. Ishrat Mahmud (comerce may09 batch) said,

    Now a days the environment is not safe at all for the girls to move around freely. Specialy the women who r engaged with garments works, who hav to work really hard all the day….so we shuld oll b more concernd abt their safety…. so that they can roam around n can go to places as they want in their leisure time!! As they r engaged im garmentz work which is one of the major source of revenew for our country …. so we shuld oll try heard n work together to ensure their safety!!

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