Some garment workers live in hostel

April 18, 2009 at 9:52 pm (Congested room, Hard life, Hostel Life, Living Place) (, , )


The garment workers are come from village that’s why they don’t have any house their own in the city. They live in slum or some time they live in hostel, especially who don’t have any relatives in the city. In the hostel one girl share her room with other two or three girl. There is two or three bed inside the hostel room. Those beds make the room congested. But still they have to stay here because they don’t have any other option for staying. The garment worker who stay in the hostel actually they prefer hostel because of safety. I heard that some time they fight with each other for some reason and one of them leave the hostel. Actually the main reason of fighting between the hostel girl is – room sharing. In my point of view, I think it is really painful to share your room with unknown person.



  1. sumaiyahaque said,

    its true, no one likes to share their privacy.but these ”shelai didi moni’s” dont really have much options or choice.atleast they are getting a roof over their heads and a protective shelter,or else these women might end up in places or situations that maybe worse.

  2. rfariba said,

    It is indeed hard to find accommodation in the city plus they can’t afford it.
    I think the garment factory owners should arrange something for the ladies.

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