The unwholesome environment and lack of safety measures of garment workers

April 11, 2009 at 3:48 am (Condition of garment industry, Polluted Environment) (, , )


Most of the garment factories in our country lack the basic amenities where our garment workers sweat their brows from morning to evening to earn our countries the major portion of our foreign exchange. Anybody visiting the factory the first impression he or she will have that these workers are in a roost. Improper ventilation, stuffy situation, filthy rooms are the characteristics of the majority of our factories. The owners profit are the first priority and this attitude has gone to such an extent that they do not care about their lives. How many of our factories have facilities to combat any hazard like fire? Are these workers properly trained to face the situation in the event of such hazard and what to do instead of getting panicked? There has been lot of such cases in recent years which resulted in lot of deaths of these workers. Countries like China, Italy give first priority of workers comfort and the safety so that they can get better out of this our countries most the workers get sick. So the time has come to improve their working environment and their safety without further delay if we are to expect uninterrupted



  1. Masha Huq said,

    i just wonder , how long will this go on?

  2. shafiqabir12 said,

    Garment workers are main contributes of our biggest export industry. As they are neglected on salary and job place safety issues that is non motivational for productivity. But they dont have other way out, they are trapped.

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