The training of garment workers

April 4, 2009 at 3:09 am (Coaching 4 garment workers, Improve skills about garment work, Training center) (, , )


There is no alternative to training to any types of work in order to train up the worker to fit in the job for which he/she has been employed. Most of the garment workers who work in many factories are not that skilled to do the job as required by the management; as a result in most cases the product produced are of inferior quality. Although there is demand of our garment products in the world, the demand would have been much higher if our products are produced with precision. To bring that precision the BGME must create training institution where for the workers whose 90% are young women, must be made mandatory to get admitted into the training institution for at least three months in their respective field for which they want to be employed. It is only then we can expect our products will be highly appreciated and ordered at a price higher than the prevailing price which means more foreign exchange for our country.



  1. monicachowdhury said,

    This is a very good point.though there is always a demand for our garment product but if there are enough training institution for the workers to learn before they start their proffesion then i am sure the demand will surely go higher which would be beneficial for our country.

  2. Touhid Rahman said,

    i found a huge information from dis .thanks for done this terrific job.

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