The loss of property and lives from agitation

March 24, 2009 at 6:37 am (life conditions, loss property&lives) (, , )


Due to obstinacy and obduracy of the garment owners, the garment workers out of rage come out of the factory and take to the street causing damages to the public and private vehicles, shopping mall and block the roads for hours together causing inhuman suffering to the general public. To make the situation worst some cadres of political parties participate in the destruction activities forcing the law enforcers to intervene. The police sometime have to open fire when situation goes beyond control causing loss of valuable lives. The government and garment owners must sit immediately and find some amicable settlement so that this untoward incident does not repeat again and save the industry from total ruination.



  1. Md. Asad Bin Yousuf said,

    At first let me thank you for picking and rising this topic. Today Garments workers are one of the most important part of this country who not only contributes for increasing the national income but they also contribute enormously in the economic development of the country. But it is really unfortunate and painful, that Garments owners who is earning a huge amount of profit each year most of the time forget the enormous effect what is given by all the Garments workers. (ASAD)

  2. Nabil A. Khan said,

    Well, I don’t have the same opinion in this matter. Garments owners now a day are very sensible in issues like these I believe.

  3. rrasheeka said,

    Karl Marx had said that whenever exploitation reached its maximum level, the exploited would revolt. This is true for thge garment workers. They are underpaid and hence, deprived of a lot of things in life. As a result, they protest. But it is also true that sometimes political parties play a big role in such protests.

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