The garment owner’s indifference towards its workers

March 22, 2009 at 3:38 am (Factory Conditions) (, )


The garments workers, who are mostly women, and earns 76% of total foreign exchange,are ill paid and lead substandard life. These workers genuine problems are often over looked by the employers even after their repeated demands to look into their genuine demands and create an atmosphere so that they can have their minimum wages and other facilities like medical allowance, festival bonuses and others, so that they can put their best efforts to produce quality products and compete with countries like China and India .Mentionable that export of Bangladesh garments products remains still strong, while many countries have gone down. Unfortunately enough that the owners of many garment factories are yet to wake up to their call calling for unnecessary chaotic condition in the factory which leads to layoff of the factory, destruction of the factory and loss of lives of many who sometimes becomes unruly incurring huge loss of money. To sustain the momentum gained by our garment industries the owners of the garment factories must think seriously and meet their demands which are very negligible to what they themselves earn. And save the industry for the greater interest of the country.


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