Inhuman life of Garments women workers

March 7, 2009 at 2:54 am (life conditions) (, )


Most of the workers came from the village, could not income paper money in the village. After arrived Dhaka/ cities they could get a chance, at the same time bound to work as without money city life impossible, can not continue ever one hour. The garments owners take this  change as there is huge number worker available with competitive price. Although they know there are doing more work compare to there salary, but they can not say anything. They work 12-14 hours daily, even for whole night during shipment, despite this violate legislation. They walk down 6-7 km to reach the factory, again walk the same way to return home. They face the danger of insecurity and sexual harassment. They feel helpless in the machine-like environment of the City. They are compelled to seek shelter in the suburban slum area to maintain their lives with such a meagre income. In spite of such ordeal she dreams of freedom, leading a decent life. The opportunity of work has enabled her to dream. But if that dream is shattered? If they lose job? If the factory closes down? So they accept all exploitation without question.


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