Factory Conditions Are Unsafe

March 3, 2009 at 3:50 am (Factory Conditions, Health Conditions) (, )

Photo: hi-bangladesh.blogspot.com

Still, many of the women toil in unsafe working conditions. Garment factory owners, who know the women will accept low wages and long working hours even if it takes a toll on their health, have no incentive to improve conditions.

Nari Uddog Kendra (Centre for Women’s Initiatives), a women’s organization working with women employed in the garment factories, conducted a study of the health conditions of the women. It found that 66 percent complained that their health had deteriorated since they began work in the factories. One quarter of those reporting respiratory problems had been working in the factories for five years or more, and one fifth of those reporting symptoms of repetitive strain injuries had been working for six years or more. Long hours of work in one particular position, lack of access to clean toilet facilities and inadequate ventilation in factories were major factors in health problems.


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  1. zulhas said,

    yes u are right, govt should take step about this matter

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