The woes of garment industry workers

February 23, 2009 at 2:19 am (Hard life, Life Style) (, )


The most of our garment workers are women. They work from morning till late night with minimum wages. These workers are to report to their duties on time otherwise they have to come under many queries or cut in wages. They are the workers on whom our country earns 76% of total foreign exchange. The management only looks into their interest; do they ever think about their minimum interest or their real problems? In many cases the answer is no. This is high time they start give proper attention to these groups of workers for the greater interest of this industry.



  1. monicachowdhury said,

    I personally feel the garment workers are treated very inhumanly. They work day and night but spend a miserable life!!!!!

  2. C.L.Nankani said,

    IWhill going this picture of Garment workers it is felt that in your country foriegn Exchange earned is the cost of workers .There was a news in 14 Mays009 businessRecorder karachi that a girl was slaped while on and she dead all this appears unhumen behavier on the part of the Mgt Earning such a big amount of Forgien at the cost of workers is better to sell these girls /women in the International Marketrs they will be provided better living faciliteios in advance country

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